Sunday, October 21, 2012

WASHINGTON, The Autism Society, Scandal, voting and Truth.

Washington State had their Autism reform Bill reviewed and endorsed by Autism Speaks in 2011. The great news hit the papers. Then, without a single shred of publicity, the bill was taken down leaving Washington as one of 12 States who do NOT care about their children's futures and have NOTHING pending to undo the damage and abuse their lack of Autism help and awareness has caused!
This will cause the taxpayers MILLIONS and it's only getting worse.
In short, a half a million dollars in funding will most likely turn these children into working, tax paying adults. If left as it is, the lifetime of EVERY person diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorders will cost taxpayers between 3 and 77 MILLION dollars.
Bill Gates built the Autism Center to give therapy to the kids in the state. The Governor failed to put Autism reform, (which includes Asperger's), into the health care system so NO ONE could bring their kids in for any help because it would not be covered.
Autism was 1 in 88 three years ago. It is 1 in 30 globally 2 years ago. The numbers continue to grow and the percentages of boys over girls affected is quickly becoming even.
The Autism Society in Washington needs investigation! Their web site is lies and ignorance intentionally created to hold the gloom and doom which creates HUGE  donations from a caring and trusting public.
Autism IS fully treatable. Asperger's IS Autism. The cause and treatment IS known. The people there claiming to be experts are actually advocating AGAINST reform because the new insurance would provide REAL therapists and REAL awareness and these so called, 'Autism Experts' would no longer be able to steal your money!
I moved from Washington to New York after watching a very high member of the Autism Society SLAM my 3 year old son into a chair over and over and clothesline a taller boy to the ground. When we went to leave, she spun me around by my arm, (I have a broken neck and am permanently disabled), and said my son was 'HOPELESS.'
I had to move 3,000 miles away and give up my entire life savings, home, older kids and grand kids BUT there are states where Autism is treated, awareness is spread and the kids are turning from Dysfunctional into functional. Each and every single technique used by Washington's Autism Expert has been laughed at and the ABUSE she practices on the children is criminal.
STOP, STOP, STOP donating to any entity who allows these types of practices! The Autism Society has NEVER given even one penny to help my boys and 10 dollars in the hands of a local agency like Parent 2 Parent helps more than 1,000 dollars to them!~`!
When I was there and also needed help for my older son, even the initial consultation was DENIED because I had no money and was on disability. My son will now cost taxpayers millions and the Washington Autism Society 'expert' denied any help at all over FIFTY DOLLARS. So, stop donating!~
I want to return now to show everyone what can and needs to be done for all the kids! As for the 'confusion' of what is low and high functioning, that was established decades ago and is very clear. These statements only serve to keep people in the dark will, afraid and donating.
The paragraph devoted to how we can help is totally dedicated to "GIVE, GIVE, GIVE and no exact statement of what is done in the way of giving back.
I hope that Organizations like TACA, Parent 2 Par5ent and Gates Foundation will be a huge part of our future because my son is living proof that they LIE and that the word' curable' is a game.
Like diabetes or poor eyesight, Autism will never go away from a person BUT it is treatable and can get from dysfunctional to fully functional with Early Interventions, awareness and support.
Taxpayers will be paying because of this statewide greedy and abusive institution and marriages, families and friendships are severed daily because of the frustration over lack of resources and absense of truth.
Election year is typically the best time to create changes so please don't give another generation a life sentence by allowing these ignorant and greedy people to deny services, dignity, happiness and honesty to our neighbors, family and children.
I am forever grateful to a brilliant Court Commissioner who granted permission to relocate to one of the 8 states doing correct therapies for Autism.  This opened doors for my son that Washington still doesn't even consider.
She did her homework. Soon, we all will have our minds opened and these greedy abusers of our loved ones will be exposed and forced to be accountable for the lifetime damages they have shamelessly caused.
The Governor, Christine Gregoire, who also had support speeches read at OUR fund raisers to really help all the kids, outright LIED. She said, "mo child shall have to move to obtain suitable resources.: I had to move 3,000 miles and give up our home, life savings, kids and husband to get help 3,000 miles away.
Now that my son is PROOF that Autism is fully treatable, it;s sad that we can't afford to move back home so that everyone could have real answers, real therapies and real truths.
Maybe TACA, Mary Bridge or The  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will read this and bring us back home.

A recent article about Washington State and it's negligence and abuse.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Worse is how terrifying even one government liar can be for all of us now and in the future.
Response from an ARI thread:

Reading all of these stories has been very disturbing and depressing. Why is everyone not doing their homework? The treatment of Autism is NOT the same in every state nor even from one district to another. The Easter Seals was forced to remove their "Best and Worst States To Live In" for Autism three years ago because of the migration which began.
I was living in a State ranked 48th, (Washington)...which is now tied for LAST and even backed out of the originally written Autism reform bill they promised to sign. Then again since she's NOT seeking re-election, why actually care about fulfilling promises or helping the kids?  In this State where not paying State Tax is something bragged about, the citizens refuse to vote in this tax but has a profound effect on the way Autism ISN'T treated. Did they know that years ago school funding was channeled over to build Casinos without an end date? Does anyone care that even if funding is allocated for your child, if you don't demand it is spent ON YOUR CHILD, then the extra 200% of what is given for a neuro-typical child might very well be used to buy football uniforms or give the Principal a retirement party!
The average student is worth around 5,000 dollars there in a curricular school year BUT a child with an IEP is worth almost 15,000 dollars. So, sending an OT into your home once a week for 20 minutes isn't really that gracious is it?
ASK to see where the funding for your child was spent EVERY year. Don't allow the schools to refuse Summer School, (ESY Extended School Year), and certainly you MUST make them use a researched and evidence based Methodology namely,  ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) By a Board Cerified PhD. Next, a Speech and Language Pathologist NOT a 2 year speech coach who knows nothing about things like Apraxia or the correlation between chewing and speech muscles, a Special Education teacher with Autism courses and proven experience and a 1:1 'chaperone' who will both assist and protect your child. Your extra $10,000 above and beyond the typical 5,000 will cover these expenses and that's what it is given for in the first place! The Occupational Therapist should be assisting with any eating disorders like the Gustatory, a Physical Therapy evaluation needs to be done to see if your child can benefit and EVERYTHING should be both shared and taught to YOU to create the continuity which your child must have for any degree of success.
A shared notebook is an excellent tool that you'll need to have written into your child's IEP and Assistive Technology namely IPADs and Computers are now even endorsed for all children with ASD by Dr. Temple Grandin and every research facility and study which has proven success. Don't stop being the squeaky wheel or it won't happen. Walk out of meetings where your childs needs aren't met and remember they NEED your signature to get to the funding. Use your leverage wisely and if another district or school is far superior, demand for your district to contract out and transport. The sooner you buy a copy of Wrightslaw and understand you and your child's rights, the better the advocate you'll make.
Back to Washington State. My son's father and I were personally singing concerts for fund raising and awareness and allowing the Governor to have her speeches heard. Her stock BS line was, "No child shall have to move to obtain suitable resources." I believed her. She totally fooled the entire State. Her opponent was wiped out because of her unparalleled deceptions.
Governor Christine Gregoire isn't alone in her  legacy of robbing families of their futures and ruining the lives of our kids. In the US,  there are still 13 remaining states uncommitted to helping children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders or ASD.  If Governors, Senators and Legislaturers could be criminally charged for intentional deception, fraud and gross negligence, we'd see lightening quick reforms and Golf Course style white collar prisons FULL.
Martha Stewart served time for far less and never hurt a child.
Then, someone who had sued 4 school districts but STILL had nothing in terms of accomodating resources asked me if I was really going to try to save the State or save my kid. What???? Really????
These are the facts people and your chance to learn, share and make the difference.
Rule #1. BLOG, WRITE, EMAIL, use your FACEBOOK, SPEAK, CALL THE PAPERS, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! A child's learning and language foundation is 70% DONE by the end of the third year of life and sealed by the end of the 5th year. After that it can take 15 years or more to do what could have been done in ONE. No, the child does not KNOW 70% of what he'll learn BUT his operating system, (like Linux, Windows XP, etc...), or HOW he will learn is done. The rest of his life will be memorization, reasoning, cognitive skills, etc...BUT since every child with Autism CAN learn what neuro-typical children can BUT they must be taught VISUALLY then those first 5 years will make the greatest impact. You don't have to get through the door BUT you do need to get the windows cracked open.
Please don't waste your time suing and blaming since every moment counts and chances are your child's diagnosis didn't happen until his 2nd or 3rd year of life to begin with. Don't waste HIS/ HER time!
Now, the fun part.
I gave a half million dollar home back to the bank, (10 acre completely refinished horse farm), left my older kids and grand kids, divorced my husband and had to move 3,000 miles to get to one of the states which put all therapies into the schools via Medicaid and have since the 1970's.
I had to sell or give away my belongings, furniture, jewelry and even shoes to get by BUT somehow you will get by. STOP thinking of dropping your child off at a day care! In the States where Autism is correctly treated, your child will be in school as early as TWO and it will be 5 days a week.
IMPORTANT. No, you CANNOT put your kids in day care because the ratios are inefficient. Chances are your child will be drowning in his own silent safe world making him further and further out of reach. The angrier and more frustrated the child typically means the higher functioning. Imagine not understanding how to speak the language, not being able to make the sounds or no one understanding your own 'language' while your high functioning brain is starving to be understood. Wouldn't you want to melt down after a few YEARS of this?
Now let's learn what we must do.
The Surgeon General clearly stated in 1999 that our kids need a minimum of 40 hours a week ABA and 25 of Speech for TWO years of intensive one on one. Obviously the kids can't be in school 65 hours and it's not their job to do the bulk anyway.
YOU have to LEARN. You have to do the work. I quit my businesses and have lived off food banks and state aid. I am completely physically disabled BUT had my church load a 26 foot truck and drove in the dead of Winter over 3,200 miles in 6 icy cold, slippery days. Then, I put our things in storage, drove 5 states away where my best friend had flown the boys, loaded them up, returned and HAD to get vaccines before entering the kids in school.
Since mercury is typically found in multi-dose bottles, please demand the single dose smaller ones. I also spent the extra time and money to vaccines aluminum based out of Canada. Again, your child was pre disposed to Autism and vaccines trigger it not cause it. Wouldn't you like to know 2 years ahead if you're going to have something?
Interestingly, New York NEVER allowed the carte blanche vaccine refusal while California led the way in their usual jump on the band wagon, tree hugging tradition. The latest statistics show the highest percentage of children with ASD to be in Silicone Valley, CALIFORNIA. That makes sense since the same genetic patterns which mandate ASD also are typified/ identified with genius and savant. So, the geniuses in the tech world have kids with the same genetics BUT more magnified due to the extra hormones in our water.  (The hormone connection is a whole other story which doesn't need to be added in this). The major company in the UK which is similar to our Microsoft now shows preference in hiring persons with Autism, (which also includes Asperger's).
So, we crossed the country where I could only afford for 2 of my older teens, my 3 1/2 year old son with 'severe' Autism and myself to live in someone's barely finished basement. Within less than 2 months, my 'hopeless'( as he was deemed by the local Autism 'expert'...which there are NO SUCH THINGS as hopeless or Autism Experts), son was beginning his journey from a non-verbal, wall staring, head banging, uncontrollable, untouchable, screaming, unhappy boy to a high functioning, happy, huggable, brilliant, caring, listening, socializing, loving, genius with over 5,000 words, (though his speech is apraxic), in less than 2 years. This research and evidence based ABA program takes on 13 children a year with varying severities of Autism and EVERY year, with EVERY child they have marked improvement. It's NOT a mystery and it's NOT something you can't also do. Please refer to The Mary Poppins technique as it's referred to at In essence a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down and through PLAY, (yes, PLAY), everything can be taught!
For anyone using any kind of time out as discipline, let me just say, ARE YOU NUTS? Autism is one big giant time out from our world and isn't that what we're trying to fix? How can sitting a child in silence, away from the social world, being punished for typical behaviors do anything positive at all? It's NOT and whoever is using anything like this, locking them up, closing them behind doors, turning out lights, hitting, screaming, etc...instead of being a safe, FUN, playful, loving, educated, creative,  trusted guide, interpreter and calm, consistent bridge to the world is setting them back and will never get them into the light. Use your heads and watch Disney channel. You'll get to be your child's playmate! The sooner you accept the sheer delight and beauty of being able to have FUN while teaching your child and modifying behaviors, the sooner you'll stop bringing him/ her further down and start lifting both of you UP. Depression and anger have no place in the healing so stop everyone  from displaying these emotions or don't blame your child when he mimics them back! Make everything visually interesting and fun especially YOURSELF.
It was Jim Carey who brought Evan out of his dark world NOT rice milk.  Can we all have Pet Detective for 2 weeks to break the kids out? No BUT you CAN be animated and full of enthusiasm and charisma. Fake it until you make it and you will quickly start seeing results and it will become second nature.
Today my son is doing advanced Geometric shapes, beginning Algebra and 9th grade reading in a Second Grade inclusion classroom, (never put kids who mimic with kids with other Autistic behaviors), and he is singing, writing music and short stories, happy, EATING, loves to be held, writes beautifully, loves to joke and is the most wonderfully adorable child to imagine being around...and he just turned SIX.
No magic pills and no blaming the schools folks. There are MANY people with Autism who came from all states and got through. 5 Presidents including Lincoln and Jefferson, Bill Gates, Orson Wells, Dr. Grandin, Michaelangelo, Speilburg, James Taylor, Thomas Edison,  Daryl Hannah, Wolfgang Mozart...the list of amazing people goes on and on who ALL HAD/ HAVE AUTISM. You should be EXCITED to see where your child's niche will be!
It's NOT the vaccines...they trigger it THANK GOD or you'd miss the Early Intervention window. It's NOT  a mysterious disease. It's a fully treatable diagnosis that takes YOUR hard work.
I was answering between 200-300 emails a week and each time that I was told, “but we need the second car, boat, house, etc..." I stopped writing back. You HAVE TO do this part and you cannot make excuses. If you don't do it now in a few years your child won't even be able to handle any social environments and you'll be forced to lose it all BUT now you have years and years of a BIG person needing you instead of the 2 or 3 years your smaller child needed. Look, you won't starve and if you really want to help your kids, loved ones, etc...and there's no help where you are right now, then get to where the help IS.
Really. Honestly. It IS just that simple.
Along the way you'll have many opportunities to share and make a difference and you will have success.
Early on, before I even got out of Washington, my letter was read on the Senate Floor to include Autism in National Health Care reform by Sen Doyle of PA. That was in 2009 and I heard him over his cell phone. I was so proud BUT now cannot understand why or how 13 states are still not getting with the program.
This is where you can immediately make the biggest difference apart from your one on one learning through play home therapy.
You MUST change the politicians to change the rest.
Do NOT allow another 4 years of anyone who doesn't care about our kids! I personally would have loved Santorum because of his little daughter and belief that every human deserved DIGNITY but let's NOT keep anyone like the current crew who fail to even mention Autism while we aren't even in the top five COUNTRIES in treating the kids! What future is there if our kids aren't respected? What about the care givers?
People USE so many empty promises and irrelevant topics to keep everyone from what SHOULD be more important than any other issue...OUR CHILDREN. PERIOD.
Let me give you an example of how we've been manipulated and turned into scared idiots afraid of everyone and everything. 90% of all child sex crimes are committed by people related to or known and trusted by the child, family members...but STILL we think a list of STRANGERS keeps our kids safe. Sex crimes have NOT gone down at all! Next, think about untreated NON VERBAL children locked in a silent world. Aren't they victims of a system which is failing them? Now, what about the Asperger', ( a sub group within Autism),  types who are brilliant BUT resent the society than has shut them out. Let's start with two of the most notorious...Jeffrey Dahmer and Adolph Hitler. So, not giving these kids a world with awareness and appropriate services backfires! So, why then aren't the sword wielding, keep our kids safe politicians virtually ignoring serial killers? The billions, yes, BILLIONS spent on a list which doesn't even include former murderers, kidnappers and stalkers has NEVER worked BUT the monies spent COULD have provided FREE THERAPY to our kids. We are being manipulated by ignorance and fear while the things that are hurting our kids are acyually being IGNORED. Worse yet is that before this spendy list generated raises and bonuses for law makers, private parties, web designers and These kvigilanyes, law enforvement knew the whereabouts of 90-95% od ALL offenders and felons. NOW it is estimated that because of the inability to re-enter society, witch hunting, discrimination and hate crimes, more than 50% are unaccounted for and have gone underground!
Top this off with the fact that less than 1 1/2% of those registered ever re-offend and the greatest danger is STILL posed by those who haven't been caught or haven't offended you now understand how the illusion of caring about our kids easily hides the reality that the lives of our children are in danger by the very same people who get elected by NOT HELPING AT ALL and STANDING IN THE WAY OF ACTUAL LIFE CHANGING THERAPIES. Where is the list of child offender politicians who hurt thousands and soon,  millions of kids BUT they get away with it?    They are getting PAID by us tax payers and are NOT taking responsibility while whole lives will be ruined, families destroyed and a lifetime sentence of dysfunction is handed down. Do you really feel safer now?
Think, JUST the funding being wasted on that one program ALONE would buy lifetime treatments for all of our kids. Meanwhile the Dahmers and Hitlers grow in numbers and I DO fear them and NO CHILD or ADULT is safe.
I apologize to anyone who has been hurt by an offender in any way BUT as you well know, the list didn't stop them either, right?
As for DANGEROUS people in our society...
The CDC and Board of Pediatrics called Jen McCarthy the greatest menace to our kids and society over FOUR YEARS ago but people are still robbing their kids of dairy products and refusing life saving vaccines which are proven detrimental! Our nation had gone 12 years without a single case of the measles. We had 'herd immunity' meaning that a disease could still take out immuno compromised persons like HIV positive, Seniors and kids BUT it couldn't spread like wild fire. Now, Insurance companies are dropping the geneation who doesn't have vaccines, (and have Autism in the same percentages of those vaccinated), and you can't give that much live virus to a grown child without giving them the disease or killing him. Read Yale's The Jen McCarthy Body Count for more...over 90,000 cases of reported preventable illnesses and almost 1,000 deaths since Jen's 2007 campaign.
Worse yet? She KNOWS this and could easily go on Oprah or Ellen and say she was wrong but instead she keeps pumping out the books. Why not? Even most doctor's are still recommending them for lack of ongoing awareness, research and correct information.
Did you know that a general practitioner, (family doctor) cannot diagnose or dismiss any mental illness or developmental disorder? They can only REFER you to a Pediatric Neurologist or Pediatric Psychiatrist! Would you go to your foot doctor for a Heart Surgery? What do you call the guy who came in LAST in his Med Class? Doctor!
Back to the 'scientist' who has ripped through the fiber of our country and did it with ease because we are scared and grasping at straws.  ( I didn't mean anything personal towards scientists JUST opening eyes to the fact that she's NOT one but was taken more seriously than actual researchers and real scientists.)
5 years before Jenny was even born it was proven that you cannot chelate, (rid the body of metals), a body with testosterone. Our men came back from Vietnam full of metals and there was NO success with the stupid 'leaky gut' diet. When the foods we eat enter the small intestine for Absorption, the testosterone pulls out any metals and recirculates them back to the brain. Voila! Even a molecule of metal in the brain wreaks havoc. FYI Charles Manson has the highest amount of copper in a hair test than any other tested person in history. Saliva breaks down many things and if you've ever had a penny in your mouth then you tasted it, right? Puffers and aerosols put metals in you. OK, you can figure out what factories, autos and pollutants have done without me.
Here's the BIG ONE...Testosterone is a magnet for heavy metals and Estrogen and Progesterone are not. The girls who have ADD, Autism, ODD, etc...are those higher in testosterone, (Tomboys), and boys have always been affected over girls for the same reason. This is GLOBAL. Makes more sense, right? Boys over girls...has to be a logical SCIENTIFIC, factual reason and that's it. Proven FIVE years before Ms. McCarthy was born.
I would be happy to help any care giver who is HONESTLY ready to help themselves BUT I have zero tolerance for anyone who puts anything before the best interests of their children.
It's an election year everyone and you NEED to get involved. Use your work, social networking, relatives, church groups, everyone together WILL make a difference. Go to the Autism Speaks websites to see which states are reformed and which don't care. You don't even need stamps! There are email addresses and pre written petitions and form letters to use! Take a moment and TELL YOUR STORY but not just amongst us, tell it to the world! Google blogger is FREE and shows you step by step how to blog.
SPEAK OUT against every politician who is not supporting Autism reform. Be relentless. Hold them accountable. Stop staring at smoke screens like bogus sex offender registries while ex murderers, lawmakers who are ripping your loved ones futures away and kidnappers are allowed to be our neighbors without us ever knowing.
Your blogs will get read and with Autism being closer to 1 in 30, we have more than enough votes to put the people in who will care.
Bill Gates has Autism. He built a billion dollar Autism Center to treat all the kids in the State of Washington only to have Governor Gregoire fail to put Autism into the State Insurance. (Medicaid). That means no other Insurance Company writing policies there had to put it in either! Bill and Melinda, (REAL HEROES), then had to change their dream treatment center into yet another research center. The kids are here and need treatment. The Gates then began to give millions and millions of dollars in grants to every state, many countries, help. Why won't they run for office? He would be our SIXTH President with Autism!
Please watch Dr. Temple Grandin's life story made by HBO. Clair Danes does a great performance and so many of your own fears will be resolved and questions will be answered. Stop hiding your children and get them and awareness out in the open. FIRST however, please stop being blind sheep and following trends which fill the wallets and bank accounts of people who are hiding the real facts and just re-inventing the wheel!
When you do research, ignore what comes up at the top in the highlighted boxes as those are paid for. Next, the top search will be the one with the most hits or usually, THE OLDEST. This won't help you. Learn to search using current dates to find the most recent research and if someone is selling something, stop right there! There were no diets, DVDs, books or magic therapies used on those people. They had their vaccines. What was different?
Mommies stayed HOME. Behavior modifications are made by routines. Who more than mommies will rule that hands get washed before dinner, baths come before bed, story time and play time are necessary and droning in front of non-educational TV for hours is not even in the realm of OK? NOT the day cares in fact they think a quiet child who plays quietly alone is a good thing BUT that's single stimming and 100% the wrong direction. You DON'T want to use day cares or anyone who doesn't know what they're doing! You might not even get it at first BUT your child trusts you and he MUST feel safe before any healing can begin.
The same government who refuses to take care of the disasters caused by removing mommies from the home, (or in some cases, daddies), are now the ones you need to blog OUT of every election. Don't believe your voice won't be heard, you're reading this aren't you? Can you copy and paste this onto your Facebook or into an email? Can you sign your name and send it to the papers? It won't take long! Less than the amount of time it took to write your story is needed to start getting the word out about the lawmakers who are still ruining our children's lives and futures.
One more thing. Don't donate to The Autism Society! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER! Autism Speaks is actually helping to get reform happening and The Autism Society has traditionally printed brochures and paid heavy administration fees while propagating gloom and doom which is the real reason so many parents give up before they even get started! Shame on these people. Contribute to LOCAL agencies like ARC, Parent 2 Parent, Arise, Enable, Easter Seals, Red Cross, just ask your local Dept. of Disabilities where people turn after getting a diagnosis of ASD. (Should be called The Department of ABILITIES).
Ten dollars in the hands of a local agency will help more than 10,000 dollars to organizations who thrive on making you feel HOPELESS and painting dark pictures. Like in the Aids days when the cure was thought to not exist, the donations came screaming in but once Magic didn't die and continued to play Basketball, people felt duped. We suddenly got the word that France had the treatment for almost TEN YEARS but our FDA drug it's feet costing us thousands of loved ones.
The same applies now with Autism! Those who are benefiting by selling books, DVDs, diets and bogus 'cures', (topped only by those taking donations and NOT giving back), all stand to LOSE if the FREE truth is known and people STOP buying things that don't work anyway.
The lists of famous persons with Autism...dated back long before any of these alleged 'cures' ever existed. Autism is equally on the rise in Nations that don't even have aspirin yet let alone vaccines.
Yes, the drug companies have played a huge part BUT I don't want everyone out there suing when we need them to spend their time and money fixing the real cause. It's been around since the 50s when not only Autism but ADD, OCD, Tourette's, Parkinson's, numerous Cancers, Alzheimers and so many other conditions have also equally risen. They are ALL related but by dividing them into separate categories like Mental Illness vs. Develpmental Disabilities vs. aging disorders, etc...we don't see a connection and therefore are missing the BIG picture. This is done on purpose as well to keep us in the dark as to how broad reaching but connected all of this really is!
I care about all the mommies, daddies, care givers, family members, Grand mommies and Grand daddies who are so scared, scarred and lost BUT the treatment has always been out there and you can't hide your heads anymore. I also do legal and educational advocacy, global reports, medical research, blogging, etc...and still charge NOTHING. Otherwise I would be as guilty as the others trying to make money off all of our heart strings by preying on our kids and loved ones disabilities. This has certainly brought out the very best and the very worst in us all.
In 1944 Dr. Hans Asperger diagnosed Autism along with Dr. Leo Tanner. He NEVER used or implied anything even remotely close to gloom or depair. He called them his 'little professors' because when they embarked upon an area which they had great knowledge he was amazed at how MUCH they really knew and could say! Little professors sounds much better than all this Indigo, Blue, or other rainbow labels we hear!
Now look around. There are amenities everywhere for the blind, hearing impaired and wheel chair bound. Autism numbers total far more than all of those put together BUT where are there quiet rooms? Where are there starchy food restaurants where our kids can eat, scream, melt down, draw or play where we feel safe from being misunderstood or accused of abuses? Where are the signs stating the basic signs or red flags of Autism? Why isn't this in the news when even a flu ¼ this wide spread would have us under martial law? What can we all do?
Everyone grab one other parent and, ready...MOVE. Yes, just do it. Look up The SPICE program at Elmcrest in Syracuse, NY and seek out programs JUST LIKE IT. Blog and write to the President and tell him to STOP giving Autism stimulus funding to the 42 states who do NOTHING and divide it between the 8 states that DO. This way the monies needed to take care of the last over 4 years of migrated families will get the extra help and the states that just pretend to provide will have to get with the program! Don't be afraid of losing monetary things. You can rebuild BUT you'll have children who are functional and happy to rebuild your world with and for. You'll be able to go everywhere with them. You'll feel better about yourself and empowered. Your marriage will probably get wiped out for awhile BUT there's nothing more beautiful than a parent who risks it all for their child and makes the difference the other parent once thought impossible.
I am a Christian and also believe God won't care whether I'm a mortgagee BUT does care if I take care of my children and get them what they need!~
Go in groups and stick together BUT don't stay where there's no help or hope! As long as your state has your numbers, they'll keep getting the monies BUT they aren't doing what is researched, proven and recommended by The Attorney General since 1999! Read websites like and IGNORE websites that make you buy anything or insist that you need to buy a cure.
Don't get stuck on the word 'cure'. People with Autistic Spectrum Disorders will always be wonderfully quirky but what you do will mean the difference between functional and dysfunctional. Not just for your child but for your entire family and those who care.
Food banks will feed you and churches will help you.
I lived in a ghetto for the last 2 years and though scared, I stayed focused and did the 24/7 needed. Make sure whatever classes your child attends that you must learn it too! It's YOUR responsibility to do the hard work and YOU who will forever be glad you did.
Learn to manage your time. I got off Facebook and gained back hours and hours needed to do the hard part. Stop dating and bringing people into your child's world who will only further complicate everything because EVERY person interacting with your child MUST be completely consistent and have Autism Awareness.
“Even the greatest therapy or therapist will have NO success without the consistency and continuity between the home and school environment.” Best early wisdom from our first Private OT named Beth Wilder in Olympia, Washington and also works with the kids in the Centralia/ Chehalis school districts there. That State, (Washington) has many of the right people in place but the Governor, Senators, (Christine Gregoire, Patty Murray and old what's her name), are all shutting our kids futures out.
In fact, the ONLY agency there who you can turn to is called Parent 2 Parent/ Each case worker, (who is completely over burdened with an excess of 30-50 kids per worker), has a budget of 4,000 dollars annually. Each child who they are assigned with a hearing impairment must get hearing aids paid for which guessed it, 4,000 dollars. So, there's NEVER anything left for the other people with any other needs or disorders. Not a penny.
Then, there's people like the local self proclaimed 'Autism Expert' who we personally watched clothes line one kid and side arm SLAM our 2 ½ year old son into a chair 3 times IN ONE VISIT. SHE got elected to President of The Autism Society for that State so that she can UNDERMINE Autism reform. Why? Autism reform means that REAL therapists and behavioralists will be paid by  private insurance and Medicaid so people paying her OUT OF POCKET will cease.
She's the one who called my son HOPELESS and I guess I should thank her. That was everything I needed to get off my ass and do what my son needed to break through and get started healing.
I have a feeling she won't be happy for what we've accomplished and even less thrilled to hear we are working to come back and SHOW how dead wrong and evil everything she's done and is doing really is. Her anger over “getting stuck” with her older brother and his Autism is carried out on all the over charged people who walk through the Open Door Autism house of abuse.
Please, please do the work. The two- three years it will take of your time will be the greatest, most rewarding two years of your life and your child's future will be changed! With every success story told, many others will follow and before you know it, everyone will know the world isn't flat, daddy long legs aren't the most venomous spiders, (they aren't even spiders), Jen McCarthy's son doesn't have Autism, (Landau Kleffner disorder), it was Jim Carey NOT rice milk that made a difference in Jen's son, Autism is treatable and above all YOU CAN DO THIS.

Thank you for reading.
Feel free to contact, share, teach or just talk.
Rev. CC Curie'
Doctor Metaphysics, Researcher, Writer, soon to be reunited with my ex  husband and best friend of a  and very proud mommy of a truly remarkable, future Rockstar., brilliant, loving wonderful, adorable, creative, funny, honest and caring son...who also just happens to be gifted with Autism!
C.A. Curie'


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